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Bulamu Mama


What is a Bulamu Mama?

Bulamu Children's Village in Kampala, Uganda is an orphanage for almost 300 orphans. These children would each love to have a Mama! That dream is about to come true. Bulamu Mama is the name for a group of Mama's who have 'adopted' a Bulamu orphan. This is not a physical adoption, but rather an internet adoption. So you don't bring your child into your home, but you certainly bring them into your heart! I'm sure you've heard of other programs similar to this, where you sponsor a child through an organization and then write letters back and forth to each other. Well be prepared to blow that old-fashioned way of corresponding out of the water! As a Bulamu Mama, you'll be able to connect with your child on Facebook, via emails and even Skype! You can send pictures, videos and audio clips. This instant communication will help you and your child bond quickly and strongly. Stay tuned for the launching of Bulamu Mama here:

American Idol

Guess who the real American Idol is?
If you watched Wednesday night, then you know God showed up in the house.
Most of those contestants are Christians and God got some major glory! He's got my  vote...

"Skinny as a Toothpick" Diet

New revolutionary diet! You can eat anything you want, but the only utensil you can use is a toothpick. (Hint for breakfast cereals: Fruit Loops works better than Captain Crunch.)

Sandal Mania

Herbie's comment on my last shopping trip:

"You go in the store to buy one shirt, and you come out with six pairs of sandals. I just don't understand you."


Don't mess with my Mac & Cheese!

I was hungry today, so I ate the last Hostess cupcake in the box. A few minutes later Herbie came walking into the kitchen saying he was hungry and could I make him some Macaroni & Cheese. Sure, I can do that. Simple.

But sometimes he can complicate the heck out of simple. "Make sure you don't screw it up" he says.  "Don't use as much milk as it calls for, and use extra butter." So I said "It's Macaroni & Cheese, it's not rocket science." So then he said "Just get the pasta cooking and I'll add the rest of the stuff."

So the timer goes off and I call Herbie into the kitchen to add his precious condiments. He mixes it and sits down to eat. All of a sudden he makes a funny face and says "Did you add salt to this?" "Well yeah," I said. "I always add salt to the water. Remember when the kids were younger and they made Mac & Cheese and they didn't add salt and it tasted awful?" And he said "No, they added salt, that's why it didn't turn out." "Oh" I said. "Maybe that's what it was."

"Well I can't eat this." He says. "I'll just have that cupcake."


The Mystery of the Missing Milk Duds

I had a craving for Milk Duds the other night, and you will not believe what happened as a result. Mark had an appointment out of town, and right before he headed out the door I shouted "Get me some Milk Duds!" which made quite an impact on the evening.

Mark gets to his appointment at a customer's house. He carefully places the Milk Duds on the dashboard, but sadly, he forgets to lock the car doors. The appointment takes approximately one hour. When he goes back to the car, he notices the glove box is open, the GPS is gone and...THE MILK DUDS ARE MISSING!!! I'm sure the Milk Duds in plain view on the dashboard were too tempting to resist.

The police were called immediately. Then Mark decides to drive down the street and see if he could locate the perpetrators. As luck would have it, there was a police car a few doors down. So he got out of the car and walked over to the policeman. And lo and behold, right there in front of the cop were two young men and a ton of stolen goods spread out before them...including the Milk Duds. So Mark yells

"Hey! Those are my Milk Duds!"

The cop advises Mark to step back as he further investigates. It turns out these two young men have been stealing from this particular neighborhood for quite some time. Even their bikes were stolen.

So Mark, in his frustration over the stolen Milk Duds says to the crooks "So, I see you like Milk Duds." They just gave him the stink eye. By now, two more cop cars had arrived. The boys were handcuffed and put into a squad car.

The policeman asked Mark if he could prove that the GPS was his. He was able to prove it by the addresses he had entered into it earlier that day. The cop handed it to him and said he could go. "What about my Milk Duds?" Mark asked. The cop asked if he had proof that they were his, and thank God he still had the receipt! So Mark says, "Well, hand me the Milk Duds, the wife is waiting for these."

The moral of this true (and unembellished) story is - Properly secure your Milk Duds!!!