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Don't mess with my Mac & Cheese!

I was hungry today, so I ate the last Hostess cupcake in the box. A few minutes later Herbie came walking into the kitchen saying he was hungry and could I make him some Macaroni & Cheese. Sure, I can do that. Simple.

But sometimes he can complicate the heck out of simple. "Make sure you don't screw it up" he says.  "Don't use as much milk as it calls for, and use extra butter." So I said "It's Macaroni & Cheese, it's not rocket science." So then he said "Just get the pasta cooking and I'll add the rest of the stuff."

So the timer goes off and I call Herbie into the kitchen to add his precious condiments. He mixes it and sits down to eat. All of a sudden he makes a funny face and says "Did you add salt to this?" "Well yeah," I said. "I always add salt to the water. Remember when the kids were younger and they made Mac & Cheese and they didn't add salt and it tasted awful?" And he said "No, they added salt, that's why it didn't turn out." "Oh" I said. "Maybe that's what it was."

"Well I can't eat this." He says. "I'll just have that cupcake."