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Going Green

Going Green...

I'm just loving GREEN lately! Especially lime green. My truck is green, my nails are painted green...

Green M&M's are my favorite!

I love green food too. Limes, avocados, cilantro - if it's green I'll eat it! (Well, unless it's mold. Not eating that.)

I'm re-decorating my living room in green too. I only watch TV shows and commercials with lots of green, and of course, all the books in my bookcase have to be green. So I went to a thrift store to buy every shade of green books that they had. The check out lady smiles smugly and says:

"Someone has a lot of reading to do!"

"Oh, these books aren't for reading," I said.

I hope she was able to sleep that night.

Besides, even if I was going to read them, I'm sure the green ones are so much more interesting than the blue or red ones.

I like my giants green. And what a coincidence that my beloved Packers are green too!

As for Brocc-OBama...all I can say is, he looks a lot more fun now.

Apparently even Jesus likes green!

Isn't it time you got your green on?