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Playing Games

So last weekend we were playing a new game with our friends (I don't remember the name of it) where you had to know something about each other in order to win. There were four statements on the cards like this:

Favorite soda
Rainy or cloudy?
Good _____(fill in the blank)
Favorite tree

Now Herbie knows full well that I'm obsessed with palm trees. Everybody knows that. It's a well known fact. If you know me but you don't know I love palm trees, then you're one pie short of a picnic.

So I decide to mess with Herbie. When he asks me what my favorite tree is, I say pine. So he says "Great! That's what I put down for that one."


"Pine tree? What is the matter with you??? You know the answer is palm tree. Are there two wires touching in your head that shouldn't be?"

Yeah. He's a real wacko.

What's your favorite game?