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WINNING! (duh)

Charlie Sheen isn't the only one winning...

Two women in my neighborhood Bible study group were recently healed of cancer! Thank you God!

+500 points

Our dog Otis had a stroke last week.
- 100 points

But I've been laying hands on him everyday and praying for God to heal Him. So far, God seems to be doing just that. Odie is getting better everyday!
+ 200 points

The pizza man delivered one cold pizza last night.
- 25 points
We complained, and got a hot pizza delivered tout de suite!
+ 50 points

I'm thinking of getting a parrot
0 points

or a buffalo for a house pet+ 50 points

(Just added the buffalo, due to so many complaints of the parrot receiving 0 points. My reasoning is...thinking of a parrot isn't the same as actually getting one, so no points. But thinking of a buffalo for a house that deserves a big score!)

I thought I'd be nice and bring some flowers to a relative who just had surgery. We got into the car, and I placed the rather large vase on the floor, using my legs to hold it.

+ 50 points

On the way to her house, Mark suspiciously had to hit the brakes, and most of that water ended up in my lap.
- 75 points

I'm loving my new coffee mug from San Antonio!

+ 10 points

Our son had baby chicks! Well, he didn't have them, persay, they just sort of hatched. Well you know what I mean.
+ 50 points

Our neighbor Clara gives us all her newspapers after she reads them, so we get them for free.
+ 75 points

In last week's bunch, one of the papers was missing, and really screwed up my genius ability at solving the cryptoquip puzzle, as I had no way to look to the next day for the purpose of cheating. I hollered to Mark "This is not acceptable! If Clara can't straighten out her newspaper duties, I won't be reading any more of her free newspapers!" To which Mark replied "Maybe that's part of the game."

- 100 points

Final score .....

I WIN! Duh...


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