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The Trial

I posted a prayer request a few months ago for my son, Aaron. Two men attacked him and fractured his face in four places. For the rest of that story, go HERE.

There was a hearing a few weeks after the assault, in which one of the men was convicted, which was good, but they lied about what happened. They accused Aaron of provoking the attack, which he didn't do. Because of that Aaron has a hearing this Monday (Feb 22) to defend his honor. He has proof that their whole story is a lie, but the girl who informed him of this refuses to testify.

Aaron has hired a lawyer. The Navy chaplain will be at the hearing, as well as some of Aaron's closest friends. We all plan on praying and fasting on Monday. Would you dear saints be willing to lift Aaron up in prayer again? It would mean the world to us.

We are firmly believing that no weapon formed against Aaron shall prosper. We are praying that all the lies that are told will be exposed in the light. We are asking God to give Aaron favor with the judge. And we are praying that justice will prevail!

I will post the outcome as soon as we get the final decision.

Thank you!