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My Beautiful Boy

Could you please pray for my son, Aaron? He was attacked by two men over the weekend. He ended up in the hospital. His face was fractured in four places, and the nerve endings were damaged. His lower eyelid blew up, and the doctor said he will have a permanent dent there. He is having difficulty eating, as his jaw is now misaligned. He is going in for plastic surgery this Friday.
Aaron is the most bestest boy a mother could have. He volunteers on the weekend for the 'Angel Food' program, distributing food to the needy. He also works the sound board at his church, and has put in many hours there. He recently volunteered to work the phones for PBS, and he also ran in a race for a local community care program.
Thank you in advance for your means the world to me.
Update: Right after the two assailants attacked Aaron, they got into a cab and drove off. Today Aaron made contact with the cab driver. Though the driver didn't see the assault, he said he heard the two guys talking and laughing in the back seat about the guy they just 'beat up.' The cab driver is willing to give his testimony if necessary. Praise God!
We are in the process of trying to find a way to get to Aaron in time for the surgery. He lives in Virginia Beach, and we're in Wisconsin. But just in case we can't get there, Aaron has a very special friend who has been like family to him, and she will take him to the hospital in case we can't make it.
How on earth can I properly thank all of you! I am overwhelmed by all the saints gathered here to pray, some of you I have never met before today! For those who are posting your own prayer request for Aaron on your blog, bless your hearts! I just really don't know what to say. I pray God showers so many blessings over all of you, that you just can't contain it! I don't think I have ever felt so loved before...