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Arizona Trip

I'm baack! We had to extend our trip in Arizona, to decorate our daughter Jennifer's new house. As a result of the extension, we had to take the red-eye flight home last night. Don't ever do that. *Big Yawn* As promised, here are pictures of the work we did at our daughter's new house:

Jennifer and her boyfriend Ryan, hard at work.

A view of the living room, from the front room. We painted this dividing wall burnt orange. Cool, huh?

We painted a table set we found at a garage sale down the road.

We found this awesome coffee table at a Mexican furniture store for half-price!

Everything on this wall came from that same Mexican store (well, except the TV, of course). And we even managed to get in a day trip or two. Here's hubby and me at a stop on the Apache Trail. The entire mountain drive took 3 hours. Pure bliss!
Do you know Jackie from 'Fresh Oil Today'? We met on our blogs, and then met in person in Arizona. I'll post those pictures another time. The day after we met, Jackie's daughter who lives in Florida was rushed to the hospital. She was found unconscious in her car. Please pray for Jackie's daughter, Katie! We were very sad and upset to hear this.
And some more bad news today. Aaron's ordeal from the assault is still plaguing us ( Aaron had his court hearing from when he was assaulted last month in Virginia Beach. One of the men who hit him was charged guilty, but he only got a slap on the wrist. The other guy is scott free, and get this - the girlfriend of one of these guys is falsely accusing Aaron of harassing her that night. He knows someone who works with this girl, and she's been telling her co-workers that they have a "plan" to try and get out of this, and now we know what the "plan" is. Now his trip home for Christmas will be delayed because of another hearing! Also, these three people had lawyers, and Aaron didn't. Now he'll have to hire a lawyer. I pray to God for justice!!!
And more bad news...Aaron will be deployed in January. I just cried today with all of this nightmarish news. Please continue to pray for Aaron!
UPDATE: Aaron hired a lawyer, and the lawyer is requesting a continuance, so at least Aaron will still be able to come home for Christmas.