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Two Peas in a Pod

This is a picture of my twin boys, Aaron and Jordan, taken 22 years ago. It seems like just yesterday they were babbling and pulling each other's hair. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Heheh.

I always dressed them in matching outfits. Their whole wardrobe consisted of double sets of everything. I had prayed for twins, and by golly I was determined to play this thing to the hilt! But much to my chagrin, my boys complained about their identical designer wear years later. Aaron asked me "Mom, why did you always dress us alike? Sometimes I didn't know if I was me or my brother!"

Aaron enlisted in the Navy three years ago. The boys weren't used to being separated, and Aaron was not happy. He wanted to come back home. But he's pretty settled in now; he has a spiffy bachelor's pad in Downtown Virginia Beach, and lots of friends.

After staring for hours at maps, flight schedules and road trip plans this week, I decided there is no way I can go to be with Aaron. It would be an 18 hour drive each way, and I'm not sure I could survive that in my condition. Jordan was willing to drive me (Hubby can't go), but my foot is still swollen and painful. Then we talked about flying, but two flights at the last minute is quite costly. So we finally settled on just Jordan going. I won't be any use to Aaron on my crutches anyway. He's going to need someone who can run errands, cook meals and take care of him. As much as I am dying to be there, I would only be a burden, and that he doesn't need. So after a lot of praying, it was decided the best thing to do was to send Jordan on his own. Aaron will be so happy to have his best friend with him.

I am rendered speechless by all of you beautiful bloggers who are praying for Aaron. God will surely hear this racquet from His throne, and He will defend and protect His own. In the end, HE will be glorified, and that is really the icing on the cake.