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My Christmas Letter

Greetings, beloved bloggers! I realize I have been M.I.A. of late. My apologies! 

You know those annoying Christmas letters you get in the mail from those relatives you'd rather not admit being related to? Consider this one of those letters.

Here's the latest scoop on my book "The Inside Scoop on God." My publisher allowed me to choose my own artist to create my book cover and illustrations. I asked my friend (illustrator/author) Jack Foster to do this, and he graciously agreed. The illustrations are ready (I can't wait til you see them!) and he's working on the book cover now. 

Other news. I had a wonderful time with my daughter in Arizona. We spent two glorious weeks together - shopping, day trips, basking in the sun. We had Thanksgiving dinner at a Dude Ranch, and saw an amazing gingerbread house display.  I'm feeling so refreshed and happy now. Well, I was, anyway. Now it's time to jump into the flurry of Christmas and get all stressed out again.

Did anyone see the special with Diane Sawyer about the Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota? If you did, you probably decided to take action like thousands of others. I signed up our family for a week at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation this summer. The grandkids will be busy with fun activities, like horseback riding, pow-wows, cave exploring, picnics, etc. And Mark and I will be helping build houses, or anything else that is needed. We are all very excited! What a great hands-on way to show the kids a different culture, and how we can make a difference in this world.

After Christmas I might be on jury duty, so I don't know when I'll be posting again. So I'll say it right now...MERRY CHRISTMAS! May Jesus fill your hearts and homes this Christmas season, and wrap you up in a great big love bow!