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Herbie's Big Five-Oh

Update: the cards are coming in. Got the first batch today. Herbie was scratching his head, wondering what on earth...? BTW...the cards are just hilarious! You guys are the best...

Herbie (hubby) is turning 50 on Dec 18th. I thought it would be fun if he received a bazillion birthday cards in the mail.

Soooo...what's in it for you? (you suspiciously ask with raised eyebrow.) Do you wanna send Herbie a card? Do ya, do ya? You have almost 3 weeks to get it here, in case you live far away. Simply email me at, and I'll reply with the address. Or you can just say so in your comment, and I'll reply to that with the address.

Now here's where the party comes in. I will put all your birthday cards in a BIG barrel. Okay, we don't have a big barrel, but I will scrounge around in the basement, I'm sure I'll come up with something. Just so you know, I will be putting my life in danger by exploring in the basement. It's scary down there. In case you never hear from me again, send a search and rescue team to my basement. I have asked Herbie many times if we could just fill the basement with mud and forget about it. Herbie just laughs. Poor, simple-minded Herbie.

On said suspicious auspicious occasion, Herbie will draw one card from the said barrel-looking object, and the winner will receive a $50 gift card to their store/restaurant of choice (winner announced here, whenever I feel like it, get around to it by Dec 20th). And just so you know this is legit, I will take a picture of Herbie wearing his birthday suit hat, drawing the card from said barrel-looking object. Let the games begin!

P.S. My dear friend Sherri just emailed, asking if she can be entered more than once if she sends more than one card. BLESS YOUR SWEET HEART my dear sister in Christ! Yes, for every card you send, you get one entry. Send as many cards as you like. You can even tell your friends to send one!