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What's in a name?
What's in a name? Plenty! Your child will have to live up to that name. That name will determine if your child gets beat up after school for the next 18 years. That name will be spoken outloud hundreds of thousands of times in their lifetime. Maybe millions. It depends how popular they are. But they won't be that popular with a name like...Well, better not name names, in case I run into someone with the name I name.

Anyhoo, my daughter has some interesting choices for her future baby names. Get this - "Summer Breeze" or "Stormy Rain" for a girl. I forgot what she said for boy names. Something along the lines of "Freak Winter Snowstorm" or "Tornado Tom."

I wish I had given my kids Biblical names, or at least names that mean things like "gift from God" or "God's chosen one." I guess I sort of did, accidentally. But their names were chosen just because I liked the sound of them. I was a young mom, so I didn't give enough thought to a lot of things. But now that I'm older and wiser, I came up with a list of baby names that I just love. Too bad I won't be able to use them. Otis will be our last pet, so no chance of naming any animals. I might have a shot at some names for the grandbabies, but I don't know how much pull I'll have when the time comes. Here are some new favorites:

Jackson, Samuel, Morrie, Sailor

Andrea (Andi for short), Isabella, Sophie, Sailor

What are your favorite baby names?