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To Sir with Love

Back in the day, I had a major crush on Sidney Poitier. What young, impressionable girl wouldn't fall for this gallant gentlemen after watching that movie?

On Wednesday I was supposed to go to the Toastmaster's meeting. I was all ready to go, but suddenly fear gripped me. What the heck was I doing? Learning to be a speaker? Learning leadership skills? Heck, I'm not a leader! I was way out of my element here. I stayed home and watched TV instead.

I was just like Peter in the boat. I took my eyes off Jesus, looked at the circumstances around me...and bailed. When Mark got home I started explaining what my day had been like, when he says "Let's go." Let's go? Where? Mark said he had an appointment out of town, and I was coming. We would stop at our favorite store where you can buy the world's best caramel apples. (We bought 10. Is that too many?) Then we ate at Margarita's. They have the world's best fish tacos. Mark thought that this little unplanned escapade would solve all my problems. It did.

We were driving at sunset, when we saw the most glorious pink clouds we had ever seen. Our tummies were full of tacos and caramel apples, and we watched in amazement as God colored the sky.

And then this song started playing on the radio. To Sir with Love. God is 'Sir.' He's taking me from 'crayons to perfume.' So I need to stop freaking out in the classroom. He knows what He's doing.

I just finished writing my first speech for Toastmasters, and I DO plan on delivering it at the next meeting. I also finished a devotional for my book that was way overdue. My fingers were tapping the keyboard like there was no tomorrow. Mark was right, I did need to get away from the problem in order to come back to it full speed. I made up my mind to take my eyes off myself, and focus on God. Lesson learned.

Can you think of any circumstances in your life when God was clearly taking you from crayons to perfume? I hope you pass the test, and don't wallow in the mire like I did. God has a great plan for your life. Just believe...yes SIR!


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