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God's Gift

Just got back from our 30th anniversary extravaganza in northern Wisconsin. God gave us a beautiful gift! (Hint - it has something to do with a white deer).

Our cabin at Loon's Bay in Boulder Junction. Our pictures didn't do it justice. You can visit the website for better pictures and details.

The view from the cabin. See the rowboat next to the pier? That came with the cabin, along with a canoe and a pair of mountain bikes.

And it's all ours for 4 blissful days!

Resting up after a long day of hiking and biking. We wasted 2 hrs. walking around in the woods looking for albino deer. Frustrating! Then we biked the rest of the day (20 miles!) looking, again, for the elusive white deer. I wrote in the guest book "If I don't see a white deer pretty soon, it's gonna get ugly around here!"

We saw about a hundred brown deer, but not one white...But I wouldn't give up. And I said I wouldn't go home until I saw a white deer - you hear me God? Oh yeah...He heard. The next morning I woke up right after I had this dream. In the dream I saw a white deer in the woods, looking right at me. I knew God was going to do it then! So we headed out right away, while it was still so dark you could see the stars and the moon. We drove down the same roads we had driven 100 times the past few days, and there it was!

Just like in my dream. One white deer in the woods. It was a gift from God, for our anniversary.

Goofing off...

Downtown Boulder Junction.

Hiking in the park

There are lakes everywhere up here!

Little Bohemia, where part of the movie "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp was filmed.

Inside Little Bohemia. The original bullet holes in the walls and windows are compliments of the notorious American gangster John Dillinger, who spent some time here.

God had one more trick up His sleeve. We were watching the Packer game at a tavern down the road, because the TV in the cabin was only for movies. We end up meeting this couple (Roger & Dodie) from Milwaukee, who were celebrating their 30th anniversary up north - just like us! What are the chances? It was so think that we got married on the exact same day, exact same year, and were celebrating the exact same way! We ended up going back to the cabin and playing cards all night. They taught us how to play euchre (pronounced 'yooker.') They spent the night at the cabin, since it had 4 bedrooms and plenty of room. I'm like "You guys can stay the night, just so long as you don't try any funny stuff, like hacking us up into pieces or anything." The next morning we had breakfast and coffee, and then parted ways. Is God great or what??? I LOVE playing cards, and very seldom get to. Plus, we were just saying how we wished we had someone to share this big cabin with. Ask and you shall receive, eh?


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