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Busy Angels

I once heard a preacher say we need to keep the angels busy. They get bored when we don't give them enough to do.

On Saturday, as we were driving to the Wheel of Fortune try-outs, I asked God to send His angels ahead of us. I asked that they would pick my name out of the box fairly quickly, as we wanted to go somewhere nice to eat, and then head over to the Christian coffee house where we were going to see a stand-up comic. I needed to study his gestures, jokes and facial expressions for my own future comic acts. Right after I prayed that, we saw a billboard with angels on it!

My name was picked about 20 minutes into the program, from a box containing about 2,000 entries!

What do you need God's angels to do? As you can see from my prayer request, nothing is too small or silly for God. He loves you, and wants to delight you - just ask! Be specific. That way, when the angels come through for you, you'll have no doubt that it was the Hand of God.

Favor: could you please pray for my three friends? Elaine (Peace for the Journey), my neighbor Carol, and my other neighbor June. All three of these ladies are battling cancer. June and Carol are both widows, and still grieving the loss of their husbands. Thank you!