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Fish Fight

Something fishy's going on here! Argh....

God made many different kinds of fish. Each fish is unique, and God likes it that way! There are sharks, goldfish, flamefish, salmon, cherry barbs, electric catfish, mossaic stingrays, crappies... Yuck! I'd hate to be one of those, wouldn't you? I'd swim around all day saying "I feel crappy. I look crappy. I'm crappy!" But God must like them.

Sometimes the fish can't get along with each other. One kind likes to kneel in church, another kind likes to jump and clap their fins. So they decide to separate themselves into denominations. But even in their own denominations they find reasons to continue separating. A fish can get awful lonely when they're all alone in the fish tank.

Most fish don't understand God's language, so God speaks to them in dreams and visions. When this happens, sometimes the other fish will swim upstream to distance themselves from the fish who had the dream. "That fish is crazy - God isn't talking to them!" And so the separation continues.

Sometimes there are personality clashes in the ocean. Some say, "Why don't those fish quit clowning around and get to work!" or "Those fish are sinning - we must separate from the sinners!"

They might starting feeling so special, that they start looking down on the other fish who don't dress so stylish when they come to church. "Why aren't the other fish wearing suits and ties, and dresses and heels?" Hmph...

Some fish are just plain old full of hot air.

The bigger fish start bothering the smaller fish, because they feel more important. They have big church duties and even bigger fish to fry.


But the fish who overcomes all these obstacles and learns to love all the different fish will graduate from fish school, and go on to bigger things for God. It's a big wide ocean...there's room for us all!"

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