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Vacation Pictures

Vacation pictures from California and Arizona over Spring Break

Remember Jackie from Fresh Oil Today? I met her on our last trip to Arizona. We had so much fun we decided to hook up again. We went to Jackie's church in Phoenix on Easter Sunday. It was awesome! God showed up. 'Church For the Nations' sure knows how to praise our risen Lord and Savior! Then we met up with Jackie and her family at a restaurant for lunch. Boy, those Arizonians sure like their onions, I tell you what.

Clowning around at our daughter Jenni's house in Mesa.

Playing cards.

Wyatt and Faith picked lemons in Jenni's backyard, and we made lemonade.

On South Mountain in Phoenix.

Mystery Castle in Phoenix - and here's the mystery: Why would anyone want to live in a house with rocks for floors? I would probably kill myself just trying to make dinner.

Panning for gold in Old Tucson. Oh yeah, I'm feeling lucky!

Joshua Tree National Park. Our timing was perfect - the Joshua trees were in bloom.

Lunch at Tortilla Flats. The walls are covered with over $90,000 in one dollar bills...giddyup!

Ghost Town on the Apache Trail.

Top of the mountain in Palm Springs. Do we really need to see more snow?

Disney - guess we're having fish for lunch!

Disney hugs.

Disney - Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney glamour shot. Look out Hollywood!

Our hotel at Disney had a water park.

We rented bikes at Santa Monica Pier in LA. I rode a bike too,, let's not go there.

Dipping our feet in the ocean at Santa Monica Beach.
We had a great time!