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I'm Baaack!

Got in late last night. Do you have any idea how hard it was to tear ourselves away from all the sunshine and palm trees? We arrived in Milwaukee yesterday to rain, fog and 50 degrees. We felt such a heaviness to be back in Wisconsin. Ugh! It was dreary and depressing, to say the least. But we're seriously talking about moving to Arizona. I think God even approves! I had a vision from God two days ago while lying at the pool, and it involved living in the desert. Woo hoo!

I haven't even looked at any pictures yet. Once I get all that together, I'll come back and post them, along with some great vacation stories. In the meantime, please visit:
and read my devotional "I'M HERE NOW AND THAT'S ENOUGH."

I was watching the movie, Shadowlands, a few years ago, and C.S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkins) said this "I don't want to be somewhere else anymore. Not waiting for anything new to happen, not looking around the next corner or hill. I'm here now, and that's enough."

There was a time when I was obsessed with the mailman. I would look out the window twenty times a day to see if his truck was down the block where he always parked it. Once the truck finally got there, my obsession went from looking out the window to watching the clock. I knew it would take approximately an hour and a half for him to get to my house. Sometimes I would get irked because it took longer, in which case the mailman would get a lecture about being punctual, and not stopping to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry along the way. More...

Funny...cause I'm 'here now' and it's not at all enough! I want so much more, hehe...

I have to unpack now and shake off the jet lag, but I'll be back later to catch up with all of you!