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On The Mountain

2/11/10 Dream:

A woman called me on the phone, and said her husband had a word from the Lord for me. She put him on the phone to tell me, but the TV or stereo was so loud, I could barely hear him. I started going upstairs where it's more quiet, and I heard him say "You are done climbing this mountain." I was so sad that I didn't hear the rest of the message. I asked him to repeat it, but the call ended.

I knew then that God was trying to tell me something, but there was too much activity and noise blocking Him out. So later that morning I sat in silence before the Lord and asked Him to give me the message. In my spirit I sensed that God and I were together on a mountain top. I felt so peaceful, and refreshed and.....loved.

Since that day, I have continued enjoying my mountain experience with God. There is so much peace and love in my household, and even on our last vacation everything was so perfect...the weather...the scenery...the family time.

And these unexpected blessings:

1. Yesterday Mark came back from the tax accountant's. We were expecting to owe thousands of dollars in taxes, like we usually do. When he came home he said "You're not going to believe this, we're getting a tax return from State and Federal!" There is absolutely no explanation for this, except God!

2. My son was scammed out of $5,000 a few years ago. The police told him there was zero chance of getting his money back, as there was no way of tracking down the scam artist. Recently my son received a check in the mail for $5,000! They caught the thief and forced him to pay restitution to all the people he stole from.

3. I was able to go off my meds for depression. I didn't like the side effects, especially the weight gain. I'm feeling very normal now, and I already lost 5 lbs. Thank you God!

4. Today was our first 'Purpose Driven Life' study. I invited 3 woman in the neighborhood. Two of them are widows, and the other one is going through a terrible time right now. We talked for 4 hours! We prayed for each other, and these women who didn't know each other before today exchanged phone numbers and hugs. I am very excited to see what God's going to do in our meetings!

I know so many of you are in the valley right now, and have been praying for a mountain top experience. Believe me, I just came from the valley, and I'll have to go back soon enough. The valley is where we develop our character and refinement. It is a necessary part of life.

I want to encourage thankful for everything along the journey. It's all good...

"I do My greatest works through people with grateful, trusting hearts. Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually. This is a paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life." (From the book "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.)

Do you have any valley or mountain experiences you'd like to share?