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THE GOOD: Our kids chipped in and got us a big screen HD TV for Christmas, along with a Blu Ray player. I know, what? All this high-tech stuff...HD, R2D2, C3PO. It's all foreign to me. The picture on the tube is glorious, you should see the colors on this thing! It's so big and wild, makes me think I had some bad mushrooms.

THE BAD: I don't know how to work any of it. Let's start with the remote controls. There used to be one remote, and I aimed and fired that thing like there was no tomorrow. But now there's 4 of these bad boys! I'm picking them up one at a time, pressing all the buttons...nothing. I'm holding
all of them at once, clicking and aiming in every direction, slinging my weapons at every moving target. Nothing. Huh? One of these bad boys is ringing...Oh wait, looks like one of the remotes is actually the telephone. Okay, so we're down to 3 bad boys.

THE UGLY: I don't need to color a picture for you, do I? Somebody's going to get hurt.

Tonight it's New Year's Eve, and we're planning on picking up a movie from Blockbuster. Hopefully all goes well. If not, we'll have a deck of cards on standby.

Happy New Year! May God shower His blessings on you in the upcoming year...