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Bath & Body Works Surprise!

So the Fed Ex truck pulls up today. Normally they bring packages for hubby, for his business. But today he said "I'm not expecting any packages." Hmmm...little pea-brain working here. Maybe it's a surprise for me! But then again, I'm not expecting any surprises.

Surprise! Remember the post (below) with my grandaughter Faith posing with 'Twisted Peppermint" body lotion from Bath & Body Works? I sent the blog link to them. They sent this very nice package, with a sweet letter about Faith being a valued customer. I wish the picture did the gift justice...inside the first package is a sweet yellow duck, a duck body sponge and hand soap in a duck container. The second package contained 2 twisted peppermint lotions, a candy-cane body sponge and a bottle of peppermint body spray with glitter.

Faith got to keep most of it, and the rest I'm going to use for a Bingo prize at the nursing home.

What a blessing!