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Yesterday the doctor had a plan all mapped out for Aaron's surgery. He was going to make three incisions to fix all the fractures. At the last minute another doctor came into the picture, and he said they could take care of everything with one incision, through the gums. (Wisdom!) When he reached up for the first bone, all the other bones came together on their own, and came into perfect alignment! The doctors didn't quite know what to make of this, but I do... (GOD!) The surgery was an obvious success, thanks to God! In fact, everything went so well, they sent Aaron home a few hours later!

The chaplain came to see Aaron. He talked for some length about the two men who did this, and he prayed with Aaron that what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn for good. He said "Who knows, maybe these two men will come to know Jesus because of this!"

I hope you don't mind if I brag about you a little. This past week as I was blog hopping, I came across several sites with Aaron's picture posted, and a prayer request for him. Thank you! But wait, that's not all. Sandra from Thistle Cove Farm in the beautiful Appalachian mountians, invited us to stay overnight there in case we made the drive to Virginia. I warned her that if I showed up on her doorstep, she would never be able to get rid of me.

Larie from 'Mine Heart Speaks' said she will be in Virginia over Thanksgiving, and offered to check in on Aaron and help him with whatever he might need! My heart is just bursting with joy because of all you beautiful bloggers!

Aaron asked me to thank all of you, he knows that all of your prayers carried him through this with flying colors! Know this - I am here for all of you. I will pray for you, bake you a cake, stand on my head, or do whatever I can to bless your socks off!
And last but not least...THANK YOU GOD!

PS...I had a dr. appt yesterday. The x-rays looked great, the doctor was very happy about it. He said that had any other doctor operated on me, they would have put in a second plate and more than just 11 pins, but he said when you start adding all that hardware, there's a good chance arthritis will set in later. He used a bare minimum so that I wouldn't have more problems down the road (Wisdom!). He also said this was the worst kind of breakage you could have, and the way my ankle healed so completely is amazing. Then he said: "THANK GOD!" Believe me...I did!