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If I follow your blog, will you follow mine?

Debby (hey there, sister with the same name as me!) at 'Just Breathe' just posted some great questions and suggestions on her blog regarding blogging, which led me to make a few comments of my own.

When I join a blog, a window pops up asking if I want to 'follow publicly' or 'follow privately.' That always gives me pause for consideration. Many times when there's an altar call at a church, the pastor encourages you to come up front in front of everybody, to follow Jesus 'publicly,' since He died on the cross in public for you. So that thought always goes through my mind when I decide to follower a blogger publicly.

Personally, when I make a commitment to follow a blog, I always hope that person will return the favor, but often times they don't (sniff, sniff). And now I just learned on Debby's blog that there is a limit of 300 blogs you can join! There is a way around that, but you'll have to read her post to learn how.

It's so hard to commit to following hundreds of blogs, isn't it? I have resorted to just commenting back on all the bloggers who comment on my posts. I guess that's one way to do it. So that is my commitment to you, my fellow blogger. If you tag me, I'll tag you right back. Simple, huh?

I feel bad having to do it this way. I wish I had time to read hundreds of blogs a day. Often times I sit down and start visiting blogs, and I'm blown away by the talent of so many gifted writers, and especially by the posts that teach me more about Jesus, and bless my heart in so many ways. I hope I do that for some of you, too.

And please, if any of you have joined me here, and I haven't reciprocated, please let me know! It would be an oversight, for sure.