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Sweet Somethings

There are so many awesome blogs in cyberspace, I just have to give a shout-out to some of my favorites:

For mellowing out like a marshmallow, I like to visit these sites:

Sandra at 'Thistle Cove Farm' has a peaceful blog, with amazing photography and an appreciation for antiquities. Check it out!

For inspiration, Jesus-style, these blogs help me on my daily walk. You can probably expect these ladies to be published any one of these days:

Traci at 'Ordinary Inspirations' Alisa at 'Faith Imagined' and Jennifer at 'Getting Down With Jesus.'

These are my favorite funny blogs, humorous and witty blogs that not only keep me in stitches, but instill a sense of wonder and joy in my soul:

Nan at 'Momstheword' Michelle at 'Psalm104:24' and 'Prairie Prologue.'

And here's your blog award:

My journey through cyberspace the past few weeks has led me to many blogs dedicated to orphans. Jesus heart was for orphans and widows, and mine is too. A big thank you to all these people who have adopted or plan to adopt orphans.

Sherri at 'Waiting for Emma' The Sisemore family at 'Til God brings them home' Jill at Life at Killeny Glen' TanyaLea at 'Acorns and Cherry Blossoms' and Ohilda at 'A Bouquet of Blessings.' There are so many more out there, too many to name, but I thank God for all of you!

And here is your special blog award:

You ladies are like cyber-sisters to me. I would be honored if you would accept this award. But please don't link it back here. I know some award givers ask for that, but this award is all about your blogs, not mine. May God richly bless each and every one of you!