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American Idol

This just in...

Haley voted best in show for her performance of Bennie and the Jets this week!

Naima is my favorite female contestant.

Paul is my favorite male contestant.

I don't know what it is about Jacob, but I cry when he sings. Must be a God thing...

Scotty reminds me of someone, but for the life of me, I can't think who it is...

Last week the theme was Motown. I was disappointed that most of the contestants did their own thing. I don't think you should mess with perfection. Jacob was the only contestant who did Motown any justice.

Anyway...see those shiny outfits the Supremes are wearing? When I was a kid (oh, this is gonna date me) all the girls in the neighborhood would take turns dragging all our Barbie doll stuff to each others porches, and play all day. And when the 'Salute to Silver' outfits came out, we all saved up our money and bought them.

And here it is in all it's glory...Ta Da!

Who's your favorite American Idol?


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