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New Year's Eve

Big picture for a big Happy New Year!

I'm off to a good start. I made a list today of all the things I will require for my own personal party. Here's the list:

Nacho Cheese Doritos
M&M's of every variety
Russell Stover chocolates
Deck of cards
Party hats
Noise makers
Redbox movies
A can of fire to burn in the fireplace
Herbie snuggled beside me in front of said fireplace

My daughter called today, saying "I'm going on a diet, care to join me?" "When are you starting this diet?" I yawned. "Today" she replied. "Can't do it" said the wise old sage. I already used up all of my creativity on a list for the things I'll be needing for the party." "Well forget that list" the young foolish one said "You don't need all that stuff. Do this diet with me." "What?" I gasped "And forget about the list? Can't do it. That would make me a quitter."

We're enveloped in the fog today, which means we can't go to Green Bay for Red Lobster or a 3D movie. That's okay. We're staying in and cuddling by the fire. It's all good.

Last year's resolutions didn't quite manifest you can see, I'm still here. Here's hoping that next year I'll be someplace else...

What are you praying for in 2011?


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