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Catching up

Where have I been? M.I.A. I finished my book (woo hoo!) and sent the manuscript to celebrities and church leaders, hoping for endorsements (see button on sidebar if you're looking for endorsements). FAVOR, Lord. Please? We've also been camping a lot this summer. And yes, those are my own personal feet in this picture. I hope this doesn't look too risque. Here are some more pics...
Here's Otis, pudding putting some putting pudding into his diet. Gotta get every last drop of pudding. It's very important. Very important! And now, a word from our sponsor: Pudding. Pudding. Pudding. Well, three words.

Ah, Ramen noodles. A kid's best friend. This was a camping trip in May, when it was quite chilly. A hot cup of soup is just the ticket to warm the soul. Check out those dimples!

Eat your hearts out, ladies. He's all mine. Heheh...There's a story behind this strange outfit. We were supposed to go home, but decided at the last minute to stay at the campground a few more days. Not much of a wardrobe to pick from with all the laundry piling up. Mark managed to make do with his pajamas and dress shoes (where oh where did the tennis shoes go?) His t-shirt says "Feeling Lucky?" Oh yeah...

it had a path to our own private beach behind it. But don't ask where this is, it's top secret.

Here's the private beach. We invited some family and friends to join us all week. On our last day a stranger approached us, asking if this was the campsite with the secret beach. " Secret beach? Whatever do you mean?"

I have already made a pest of myself with the good folks at Reserve America. Trying to attain this particular campsite all summer long will make their jobs unbearable. Here's me, in a typical reservation conversation:

Me: "Hello? Reserve America? I need site 57. Could you please check if it's available?"

RA: "No Ma'am, it's not available."

Me: "I know it will be available soon. Would you please just keep clicking it until it's available?"

RA: "Sure lady, I'll keep clicking. Click. Click. Click. Still not available."

Me: "Keep clicking! It must be available! Click it! Just click it! For crying out loud, click it!"

RA: "Ma'am, please calm down. I know how to press buttons. That's my job. Pressing buttons."

Me: "Get the manager. I don't think you're clicking that button right!"

Click. "Hello?"

And no, it's not site 57. That was just to throw you off the scent.
And now I'm off to visit all of you. I missed my blog friends!
Where have you been this summer?