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Back in the Saddle

Cowboys, pay no attention to that. I never claimed to have any brains. Dang, it sure feels good to be back in the saddle!

Shew! Where do I start? Oh yeah, that last trip. It was nice and good, but I'm not sure I should have gone. I never did have peace about it. I'm just relieved the plane didn't crash. I got a sore neck constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering why God wanted me to stay home. Maybe it was because I lost $50 the second day I was there. Or because I was terribly homesick. Or because I had a bad case of writers block.

Right on the heels of that, came 3 days of jet lag after I came home. I know that doesn't seem possible, only crossing 2 time zones, but it really hit me hard this last time. I was so exhausted, I couldn't do anything. Zilch. Nada.

Then we went camping for a few days. While backing the truck and trailer into the driveway, the rear axle went out on the truck. Luckily the garage gave us a loaner so we could still go. But I'm like, God, what the heck? I got a red-hot sunburn, and our trailer was full of mosquitos. Yes, I said the trailer was full of mosquitos! We have no idea what was going on with that. It was like, chow-time. Swat. Movie. Swat. Dominos. Swat, swat and double swat. Yuck! And then we forgot the dog food outside one night, and a raccoon made off with it like a bandit. Otis had to make do with steak, hamburgers and the like (poor baby).

Then we get home, and for the first time in weeks I get off my lazy butt to do some work, and the washing machine starts wailing like a banshee! "Well too bad fer you, mister," I said. And I kept jamming more laundry into it. At least it still worked. Too bad I forgot my pen in my shirt pocket, though. Now the whole load has big blue splotches all over. So, yeah. The honeymoon is over. I slid from that mountain into a big ol' valley, lickety-split.

On the brighter side.....I just had an article published in an international magazine (Contemporary Horizon). Yee Haw! (Memories of Manitou) The article isn't on their online site, only in the magazine, but it's posted at my poetry blog too.