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Are you lost?

Who's watching Lost? I was wondering if anyone else is catching the correlation between Christianity and this flick?

John Lock is dead, and something (evil?) has taken over his body. It appears that there is a good spirit and evil spirit on the island. These spirits can only take up residence on the island when someone dies, by entering the dead person's body. At least that's what I'm getting from this.

This seems eerily similar to our world. A person can be possessed by demons, wherein they take over the person's body. And in the same way, Jesus said our bodies are temples for Him to reside in. Does good or evil reside in us?

Ben and Richard were both disappointed when their leader Jacob didn't fill them in on all the details going down on the island, and after his death they were devastated and...lost. I wonder if that's how it felt to the disciples after Jesus died. They were confused, and thought they had 'lost' the battle, and maybe even the kingdom.

My husband has never watched this before, and then last week he decided to watch it for the first time, but after about 20 minutes he said...I'm lost. How about you? Are you lost?