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Parade of Homes (Bathroom)

Why on earth would I want to show anyone my bathroom, you may be wondering? A few years ago we were in the process of remodeling the bathroom. For some strange reason, I latched on to this teal wallpaper. I liked the color, but I also liked the theme. Maps. You probably can't see from this picture, but the wallpaper has maps and sailboats on it. A friend in Christ explained that sometimes when we're remodeling our homes, a spiritual journey is in progress. Where was I at spiritually at this point? I was lost. Spiritually lost. I decided that I needed to 'map' this spiritual journey, hence the map wallpaper. I also found flooring that matched the wallpaper perfectly! Oh, and the toilet seat has seashells in it, cool huh? Those antique jars on the shelf contain sea shells that I collected in Miami Beach, one of my favorite places in the world.