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I had a dream

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I had this dream recently. I was at this man's house. His wife was working hard picking up stones from the ground, cleaning the yard. I thought he must really love her. But...he seemed to take an interest in me. It was as if he loved me, but I wasn't doing anything important like his wife was. I wondered why he didn't dote on her instead of me. Then I saw his wife with spurs on her feet, working up the ground. I was so impressed with her. He didn't have any reason to love me like He loved her. And yet...he seemed to love me!

This woman was working the ground, picking up rocks and digging up soil with her spurs. To me, she represents the evangelist, a modern-day John the Baptist. She was working the hard, rocky soil.

The next day after I had this dream, I came across this scripture: "I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." (Matt 9:13) I'm pretty sure this scripture fits in with my dream.

This dream reminds me of the prodigal son. Here was a man who did nothing to earn his Father's love, whereas his brother worked hard all his life and wasn't treated so richly.

What kind of God is this Who seeks not the righteous, but the sinner? Our society doesn't work like this. In fact, nothing in this world works like this. It's almost like God is the total opposite of what we expect Him to be.

I have a question regarding that scripture: If God desires mercy and not sacrifice, what exactly does that mean? Does that mean He doesn't necessarily want us to give things up, rather He wants us to have mercy on each other? Or am I missing it entirely...Thoughts?

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