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Blog Awards

It's blog award time again! A big THANK YOU to Alicia from 'Life's a Journey', Renee' from 'Glow Academy' and Rose from 'Mahoney's Musings.' Two of the awards were duplicates, so I grabbed something new that I didn't have yet. I've been eyeing up that 'I Love Lucy' button for a while now.

I'm supposed to pass these awards on to a certain number of blogs, but I don't want anyone left out, so if you're reading this post, please help yourself to one of these awards. And please don't feel like just because you weren't singled out, that you're unworthy. YOU'RE WORTHY! You're also very special, and very loved.

Now let's see, each one of these awards requires rules of some kind, and since I'm combining the awards, and since I don't particularly follow rules to begin with, I'm making up my own: 7 things in nature that make me

1. The moon. Yeah, the moon makes me howl at the moon. God really shines on this one!

moon and water Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Palm trees. Did you know that God decorates His Throne with palm trees? Is there any other tree more magnificent?


3. Seahorses. Aren't they cool? God has quite the imagination...


4. I love buffalo! When I get to heaven, I'm gonna have a buffalo ranch (God said I could, so there!)

buffalo Pictures, Images and Photos

5. A sky full of stars...

twinkling stars Pictures, Images and Photos

6. The beach. I like to lay on the shores like a beached whale.

walk on the beach background Pictures, Images and Photos

7. The mountains. God's really showing off now, isn't He?

jesus Pictures, Images and Photos

What makes YOU howl at the moon?