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Dairy Queens USA

I thought I was the only dairy queen in the USA. So imagine my surprise when my new blogger friend Jackie from Fresh Oil Today commented on my last Dairy Queen post (below), telling me she loved DQ moo lattes too!

"No way!" I sputtered. "You are addicted to moo lattes too?!"

"Yes" she exclaimed "the caramel moo latte is my favorite."

"Get outta here! That's my favorite moo latte flavor!"

So Jackie and I decided we just had to meet. Two bloggers who shared the same heavenly addiction? What are the chances?

So toot-sweet I hopped on my motor scooter, and hit the road. It was a
long road trip from Wisconsin to Arizona, but visions of moo latte's kept
me motivated to plow ahead. As you can imagine, by time I pulled in to
the Dairy Queen in Oak Canyon, Arizona, I was parched!

"Come on sister!" I yelled to Jackie when I got there "Let's head to the bar! I've got jet-lag, motor-lag and every other kind of lag there is!"

Well we were in for quite a shock...When we got to the counter, they had an open container of......(my heart is racing just thinking about it)....RED SPOONS! They were proudly displayed right out in the open! Jackie and I grabbed for a handful of spoons, giggling like school girls. The DQ guy wanted in on the action, so he grabbed some too.

We ordered two extra large moo lattes, and headed to a table. We talked about ice cream, God and all kinds of curious obsessions. We laughed until we cried, and we sucked down those moo lattes like they were water in a desert. Jackie was so fun to talk to, we ended up sitting there for 3 hours! Finally the DQ team had to start closing the place down. Jackie says "Look at that, we're closing down the Dairy Queen!" I just knew I had to take advantage one last time. I held out my empty cup to the bus boy and yelled "Jusht one more for the road, pleash!" Oh yeah, we had our fill. But when it comes to moo lattes, there's always room for one more.

Would you believe this Dairy Queen actually has a store! I have never seen the likes of it. Jackie and I burned off all those calories shopping up a storm. We were oohing and ahhing over all the games, souveniers and DQ t-shirts. They had the coolest stuff!

By this time Jackie and I really felt like we were a part of things at Dairy Queen. So we asked the cool DQ counter guy if we could get a lesson in making moo lattes. He knew he'd never get rid of us unless we had our chance at the barista gig, so he consented. And here we are, dishing it up at Dairy Queen!

Good times.

I'm a Dairy Queen and proud of it!