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Are you in the MOOOD ?

I'm in serious trouble here, people. It's called the Moo Latte. This frozen little concoction has got me wrapped around its' little finger (more like my little fingers are wrapped around it!)

First thing in the morning, as I'm coming out of my coma, this sweet little dream
shows up. Forget about visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. Moo Latte's
are where it's at. BTW, did you know that a sugar plum is sugar-coated coriander? Yuck, I'll take a Moo Latte dance anyday.

Well, that's odd...look at the word sugar. I never noticed that before, don't you think the spelling is psychotic? Shouldn't it be spelled SHOOGER ? Digressing here, now what was I saying?
Oh yeah, the Moo Latte. See the thing is, I can only enjoy one of these Moooo Latte's with a plastic spoon. Why is that, you ask? Hey, my little pea brain likes it, and you can't argue with a pea brain, otherwise you'll have nothing but pea soup up there.

Now my husband knows darn well that if I send him to DQ, he had better
come back with a Moooo Latte AND a red plastic spoooon. The last time
he forgot the spoon is definitely the last time he forgot the spoon. I made
such a rucus (now there's a funny spelled word) that I almost talked him
into going back through the drive-thru to ask for one red plastic spoon.
I said "You better mooooove it, mister!!" Now how tough is he going to look cruising through the drive-thru on his moooter bike, just to order
one red spoon? I just can't eat my Moo Latte with a metal spoon, I JUST CANNN'TTT!!!

Look out when I'm in the moooood for a sweet treat. Cuz I'll rise up and tower over the whole city in search of my Moo Latte....Hey! This would make a great movie, wouldn't it? Gotta go, gotta get the yellow pages. Anybody know the number for Hollywood? Moooove over Madonna...I'm the biggest cow-belle this country has ever seen.