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The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Saga Resolution

A surprising turn of events for our family Christmas tree dilemma. I had been forewarned by the EGM board that my pathetic, termite-eaten Charlie Brown tree was unacceptable in our household (read post below to catch up on the unfolding drama). The board decided to put the decision in the hands of the Heavenly Humor readers. The vote was unanimous - we would put both trees up in order to appease all members.

It was further determined that the 'monster' Christmas tree would await decoration until said arrival of the EGM President, one Aaron Erdmann. In the meantime, the monster tree was assembled and plugged in, and the Charlie Brown tree was positioned in the opposite corner of its' opponent.

The result? The Charlie Brown tree looked mighty sad and weak standing alongside the great and mighty monster tree. Not happy. Something must be done to appease the board members. Solution:

The Charlie Brown tree was moved to an undisclosed location (well okay, it was relocated to the Dining Room, where it sadly rues the day it was born). A very big, but very fake banana tree was brought back to life from it's once ill-fated home in our bedroom, where the only onlookers were one sleeping giant, and one slumbering Snow White.
Sadly, the picture does not do the banana tree justice. The trunk is bedecked with green lights, and the bigger blobs higher up in the tree that look like UFO's are green and teal palm tree lights. I think you'll agree that the monster tree has met its' match in the Christmas tree arena!
And now, dear friends, I bid adieu until after the flurry of Christmas excitement has reached it's final apex in the Erdmann household. For more Christmas cheer, and quality JESUS time, feel free to visit my other blogs:

Merry Christmas!