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A Hero's Reception

My son Aaron, who is stationed at the Navy base in Virginia Beach, had the opportunity to meet a real hero - Captain Richard Phillips! Because Aaron volunteers at the the Navy museum he was invited to a special event where Captain Phillips was given the royal Navy treatment. The fete included caviar and champagne. What a prestigious event!The following is an excerpt about Captain Phillip's rescue:

Several days after the Maersk Alabama was first taken by pirates, and after an aborted escape attempt, the Navy finally rescued Capt. Richard Phillips from the pirates who were holding him hostage.

Four Somali pirates had been holding Capt. Richard Phillips aboard one of the Maersk Alabama's lifeboats. The Maersk Alabama itself had gone on and eventually reached port in Mombasa. Meanwhile naval vessels including the U.S.S. Bainbridge, a destroyer, watched over the events.