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Sweet Somethings

A big thank you to Thena from NanaThena for this 'scrappy' blog award! I am to send this blessing on to some of my favorite bloggers (okay, okay I'm supposed to give it to 7 bloggers...I'm cheating here), and then list 10 honest things about myself. Here goes:

Angie at
'Messy cars and Muddy Shoes.' Angie has a real down to earth way of looking at things, which I love. I also love the picture on her banner.

Erica at
'Scottsville.' Another winning banner, you can see that Erica has a real team spirit, and a love for God and family.

Missy at 'Are you there, God? It's me.' Missy has a beautiful heart, it shows through in her writing.

10 things you never wanted to know about me:

1 I am obsessed with palm treesPhotobucket.

2 My favorite thing to do is rub my hubby's belly. PhotobucketI really do! It's so comforting. You know how some ladies are always checking out a guy's butt? Not me. I look at the belly.

3 I'm a cheesehead. My need for cheese is really quite ridiculous. If I travel, my cheese goes with me. One time, while on an airplane, the people in the seat ahead of us started noticing some liquid was dripping on their heads. The flight attendants got all panicky, like the plane engine was leaking or something (uh, huh...the engine on the bottom of the plane is leaking from the top of the plane.) Turns out, my little cooler packed with cheese and ice that I had neatly placed in the overhead bin had turned upside down. Oh, the perils of the cheese obsession!

4 Right now I am in a bad way with cravings for DQ's Moo latte. Did you know that if you buy a Moo Latte between the hours of 2 and 4 pm, they're half price? Trust me, I'm keeping my eye on the clock. Don't forget the extra cream and caramel, jfejrsletkjjeljejrj (that's me, drooling and babbling).

5 And don't forget the regular kind of coffee!Photobucket Seriously, ya better stay out of my way until I've downed the first pot!

6 If you didn't catch my earlier blog about how I look in the morning, here's a recap:Photobucket

7 I LOVE to travel!Photobucket
If I have to wait too long in-between trips, I start to pout.

8 I LOVE God! Photobucket He is my best friend, healer, comforter, provider, teacher, Daddy, creator, inspiration, alpha and Everything!

9 I'm always looking for a new adventure around every corner! Photobucket

10 Photobucket If you'se young'uns are still reading this, git to bed! It's way past your bedtime! Dang kids...