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Roughing it out

Thank you all so much for praying and believing that Emma will be home by Christmas! God loves to answer our prayers, I can't wait to see this one answered!

On Thursday we drove 2 hours to the airport, had a long flight from Wisconsin to Virginia during which time my leg was cramped and hurting terribly. Aaron picked us up at the airport, and he brought a wheelchair with him! He's been taking such good care of us.

Friday we left for Washington DC at 4am. We had originally planned to do this before I broke my ankle, and I insisted we still go through with it. It was a 3 hour drive from Virginia to DC, and to add to my misery, all the sidewalks in DC are cobblestone, so it was extremely painful to be wheeled around there. We visited the Holocaust Museum, Union Station and the Capital, as well as a few other places. My pain meds starting causing problems, so I had to make it on just Tylenol. By time we made the 3 hour drive back home, I was extremely exhausted and in more pain than I could handle.

We found out last week that 50,000 Muslims are gathering to pray to their god at the Capital on Sept 25th, in the exact same place where our Presidents are inaugurated! I decided that we were going to go there before their gathering to pray to our God. So the three of us prayed on that very same spot. We repented for the sins of our nations, including all the abortions, and mistreatment of the Native Americans and African Americans, among many other sins, some of which have been from the hands of our government. We also prayed that the prayers of the Muslims would be null and void, and crumble into dust beneath our feet.

Soooo, if you wondered why this crazy women with the injury went through all this to get to the Capital, now you have the inside story. And now.....I'm going to rest and enjoy this vacation, if that's even possible (ouch!) Mark and Aaron have been such good sports about all this. They guarded my cast while we were in public like it was the Mona Lisa, making sure no one even got near it. And this morning while I was washing my hair in the sink, Aaron starts yelling "Outstanding, outstanding! You're a winner!" He reads a lot of motivational stuff, can you tell?

We're taking a cruise this afternoon, and tomorrow we're meeting with Aaron's friends at a local bar to watch the Packer game (Aaron can't get the game on his TV). When he asked if we wanted to meet his friends, Mark asked if they were real friends or facebook friends! I laughed until my stomach hurt! Mark explained to Aaron that I've got friends on facebook that he never even heard of, so he was wondering if Aaron's friends were real or 'fake.' Haha!

Aaron's apartment is so awesome! He's in a brand new building, it's really top-notch. I noticed there's some bamboo stickers or wallpaper in the bathroom that looks so real, like they are really growing in there. When I came back into the living room I did my Jay Leno doing Arnold Schwartzenegger impression and said " Who put da bamboos in da batroom to look cool such as dat?" Well, it cracked me up, but it went way over Aaron's head. He asked if I had overdosed on my meds.

Anyway...thanks again for all your prayers. You guys are the best!