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Camping Fever

Just got back from a great couple of days camping with family. I have never had so much fun camping in my life! There were 30 of us roughing it out in a rustic campground, with plenty of marshmallows and mosquitos to go around.

My niece Becky taught us a fun game to play around the campfire. One of us volunteers to be the psychiatrist, and goes off on a 5 minute walk. While the 'doctor' is out, we plan a devious plot for him to solve. We come up with a problem that we all have. Example: each of us thinks we're the person to our right. When the doctor comes back, he takes turns asking questions like "what color are you wearing?" or "where do you live?" We answer the questions according to how the person to our right would answer. You can come up with all kinds of 'illnesses' to display. The round ends when the doctor solves the sickness. The best one we came up with? We all had a crush on the psychiatrist. So everytime the doc would ask a question, we would swoon and suffer from heart palpitations. This was a howling good time, especially when all the guys in the group had to 'crush' on my brother-in-law!

See this simple, silly pole? Did you know that you can play a fun game with it? No, not the go-go dancer kind of games, or the Olympic variety. Just the basic simpleton camper game. You stick two poles in the ground, about 50 feet apart. You put a bottle of bottled water (with a cap) on top. Two people stand on either side of each pole, and toss a frisbee back and forth. The trick is, you're holding a drink in your hand, and you can't spill a drop. You have to catch the frisbee in one hand, balance your drink in the other, and should the frisbee hit the pole and knock off the bottle of water, you have to catch that too.

If your team wins the game, you may be tempted to grab the pole like this.

If your team loses, you may want to bend the crap out of your stupid good-for-nothing pole.

Your pet may try to join in on the fun too. We don't have a problem with that.

Get this! You throw a couple strands of Christmas lights on your fire, and voila! You're treated to a rainbow of colors like pink, purple, etc. It's breathtakingly beautiful! The copper in the wires is what brings out all the colors. Now you know what to do with all those strands of lights that don't work every year when you bring them down from the attic. Heck, I'd even buy brand new lights to burn. It's worth it!

The rest of the time? We played in the lake, ate like pigs and celebrated a birthday with a pinata. Man, that thing really had to take a beating to shower the candy! Good times...