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The View From Here

Guess who flew in for a 10 day visit? Aaron just left this morning, he's heading back to Virginia Beach. We crammed an awful lot of fun into those 10 short days. We went camping up north, and spent a day parasailing. That's Aaron up there.

We took the Chicago river cruise, which was simply divine! We've seen Chicago uptown, downtown, via El Train and aerial view, but this was our first river cruise.

We stayed in a posh downtown hotel, and whined wined and dined our way around this magnificent city.

It was so weird to be around the twins again. I still get them mixed up. When they were toddlers I always dressed them alike, just for the fun of it. To this day one of them will complain "Mom! Why did you always dress us alike? Sometimes I didn't know if I was me or my brother!"

Here I am, playing smoochie face with my man. With cheeks like that, they just have to be pinched. They just have to!