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Book Review

Jennifer suggested I do a book review on "Tattoos on the Heart." I don't normally do this, I guess because I don't like going on other people's blogs and reading reviews. I just want to visit and catch up on the latest in your life. However, since I just finished this book yesterday, and since it made a HUGE impact, and since I gave it a thumbs up already, I figure you deserve to know at least a little about it. Here it is:

Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest in L.A. I loved this priest from the get-go, because he doesn't ask anyone to call him by a title, or revere his presence. His homies call him 'G' or 'G dog.' The 'homies' are gang members in L.A. And just like Jesus came here as one of us and hung out with tax collectors and sinners, G not only 'hangs out' with the homies, he became one of them.

Now, a warning. There is some language in this book. Well, some of it is Spanish, which I thought would just confuse me, but surprisingly it added lots of color to the story. The other kind of language in this book is what you would expect to hear from gang members, but not from a priest. I never heard a man of the cloth swearing before, so it was a little shocking at first, but the message is so heart wrenching, you quickly get caught up in the story, and you make an allowance (refrain from judgment).

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be turned inside out. That's all I have to say about that.