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Ray of Sunshine

This is my daughter, Jennifer Rae. She's so sweet. Next week it will be her 28th birthday.

When Jenni was little, my mom (who lived next door) said she could always tell when Jenni was coming down the street. She said Jenni had 'happy feet.' Jenni was a happy little girl, and now she's a happy big girl. She's bubbling over with joy, and it's quite contagious!

When one of our birthdays comes around, we can count on a call from Jenni. And even though her 3 brothers never remember her birthday, she never forgets theirs - they'll get a call from Jenni, with birthday wishes on their special day. Her niece and nephew (our grandkids) get a big box of cool stuff shipped to them on their birthdays.

Jenni has a Compassion child in Peru, and last summer she went to visit her. She took her shopping, and bought her clothes and toys. Even though Jenni doesn't have kids of her own (yet), she blesses the socks off of everyone else's kids.

Happy Birthday Jenni!