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If I only had a brain


“At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” (Matt 11:25)

“And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 18:3)

I once asked God why it is that some people have dreams and visions, and see more spiritual manifestations than others do.

I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. One night I awoke from sleep to these words: “You will know more about glorious manifestations if you are sur right.” I knew this was a message from God, so I raced to the dictionary to see what ‘sur’ meant. According to Webster, sur is is a prefix that means ‘over’ or ‘above.’

I had to scratch my head on that one. Was God saying we have to be ‘over’ or ‘above’ righteousness? How does one go about being more than righteous? At this point, I wasn’t even sure if I was in the same ballpark as righteousness. Heck, I wasn’t even in the same city.

And then one day I read a book that provided insight into what God was trying to teach me. The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow says this:

“We are born with a right-brain processor and a left-brain processor. That means that the left and right sides of our brain literally process information in an entirely different manner.” He goes on to say that the left side thinking process is logical and analytical, whereas the right side thinking process is organic; it grows by touching, feeling, role-playing and visuals.

“Jesus came into a very left-brain culture.” Enlow said, “It was totally dominated by Greek thought. In other words, rationalism prevailed. When John the Baptist and Jesus declared “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” repent (the Greek word, metanoeo) meant “to change one’s mind, to think differently, to do an ‘about face’ in one’s thinking.”

THIS is what Jesus meant when he said we must become like little children to enter His kingdom; we must use our right brains more than our left brains. Why did Jesus speak in parables? It was so that His teaching would be grasped by our right brains, because our left brains are too logical to make sense of such information. If we are to become childlike in order to see God’s glorious manifestations, then we must utilize the right side of our brain.

Why do children believe in Santa Claus? The idea of a big jolly man who travels all over the world via flying reindeer on Christmas Eve can only be conceived and nurtured by a right-brain thinker. Later on, as the child has had a few years of school under his belt, in which he is taught to think logically with left-brain thinking, the idea of Santa becomes preposterous (preposterous: contrary to nature, reason or common sense). In the same way, the idea of Jesus coming as the Son of God can be thought to be preposterous to the left-brain thinkers.

If we start using our right side of the brain, we will then be in a position to hear God's voice, whether it be in dreams, visions or glorious manifestations.

Which side of your brain are you using? I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly craving milk and cookies, and a good dose of cartoons…