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Sweet Somethings

A shout-out to Amber (Refined Metals Academy), Cathy (Tales of the TCKK Family), Andrea (Arise 2 Write), Just Be Real, Audrey (Country Mom) and Jacob (A Pilgrim's Journey) for these awesome blog awards! Jacob gave me two awards, I'm just gushing with bubbly joy!
Now there were some rules to each of these, and honestly...I can't remember what they were. So I'll just make up some rules of my own.

I LOVE all my faithful readers. So if you're here reading this post, please help yourself to one of these awards. If you're like me, you like to coordinate colors on your blog, so pick the one that sends you over the top, over the edge, or flying by the seat of your pants, which ever you prefer.

My own made-up rules: Name 10 things that no one would ever want to know about you, and here's mine:

1. I just got my hair cut really, really, really short. My family is now terrified of me, and I'm pretty terrified myself. I had to smash all the mirrors in the house!

2. Jammin' to 'Rusted Root' these days...

3. I don't like rules. Don't blame me, God made me that way. Picture John the Baptist, only without the hair-shirt and beard.


4. When I'm blogging or reading, I'm lost in an alternate universe. You may talk all you like, but I can't hear you.

5. I LOVE the desert. God must have thought I meant 'dessert' cause beautiful food keeps showing up every which way I turn.

6. Napoleon Dynamite rocks my world!

7. I'm impulsive, compulsive, and any other pulsive you can think of.

8. "Bye bye" were my first words. They're also my last words. I love to go "bye bye."

Besides, If God's got the whole world in His hands, this should be a no-brainer as far as He's concerned.

9. I'm a recluse. Seriously, the light of day very seldom makes it here. Put me in a little shack in the mountains, and I'll be just fine. Heck, just shack me up with this guy. Looks like he knows what he's doing.

10. A few last words. Bye bye...