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My friend LeeAnn is the quirkiest little gal this side of the Hudson Fox River. LeeAnn posted a hilarious article about a few priceless gifts she received for her wedding anniversary.

Here's an excerpt:

Gift #1 — A homemade Fernando Ortega CD case — without the CD. “Thank you, Paul. I have always loved Fernando Ortega’s CD cases. Usually they come with a CD inside.”

“Oh, did I forget the CD? Duh.” He ambled off to his man-den in the basement to retrieve the music portion of the Fernando gift. He had downloaded the music (legally) from the Internet and made a lovely case and all — just forgot to put the CD in it.

Gift #2 – A Hershey Milk Chocolate-flavored lip balm — with instructions to smear it, but not to eat it. I normally do not use lip balms. Petroleum jelly out of a jar serves the same purpose quite effectively. Beebee asked if I knew how to use lip balm, or if she needed to demonstrate for me. She probably just wanted the first lick.

Gift #3 – A bag of Lemonheads. Yes, exactly. The same candy they sell at swimming pool concession stands.

Now head on over to LeeAnn's blog for the rest of the story:

And there you have it, the latest craze in anniversary gifts. Personally, I think Lemonheads are where it's at!