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Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Well, right after making a joke about my MIL that she fell and couldn't get up (see Monday's devotional), guess what I did? Yesterday I was letting Otis out, which involves going down 3 steps to the back entrance, when I lost my balance on my crutches and went down the next flight of steps to the basement! I was home alone, and there I was in the basement, wondering how on earth I was going to get up. I was at the bottom of the steps, and my crutches were still at the top. I had to slide up one step at a time on my backside - thank heavens for my big butt! Hehe...

Not only did I injure my already broken ankle...again, but I banged my arms and legs pretty good, and cracked my skull on the cement wall. I'm really feeling it today, but since my hands and mouth appear to still be functional, thank God I can still blog! That was a joke. I guess my sense of humor is still intact. My husband is considering chaining me to the couch so I don't hurt myself anymore. Please pray for him. No, seriously, please keep me in your prayers. I still have 3 weeks to go until my next x-ray, and I don't want to have to go sooner, if you know what I mean!